Tickets Can Be Devastating

You were driving peacefully through Seattle and then the sirens and lights blared behind you as your shoulders quickly sank. Then you received the dreaded traffic ticket. While it may seem easier to simply pay the ticket and move on, there are lots of reasons to consider fighting the citation.

There are a number of options to evaluate. The state is interested in earning money, and trials can be extraordinarily expensive. As such, it can be easy to cut a deal. With the right Seattle traffic lawyer you have a better chance to get the ticket dismissed or reduced in severity.

What You Can Do

  • Save Time & Money

    The cost of the ticket is likely not your only concern, and there are a number of additional fees that you could incur. Traffic school is both time consuming and expensive, and once your insurance gets wind of the ticket, they may hit you for even more or your hard-earned dollars.

  • Protect Your Record

    While a single ticket in a given period may not greatly impact your driving record or insurance cost, a second ticket in a matter of just a few short years can cause an increase in fines and increase your insurance premiums. If a pattern of risk is established, it can be significant.

  • Find A Traffic Lawyer

    A traffic ticket can have a much greater impact on your life then you may have initially thought before getting pulled over. Ultimately, the outcome can be significantly better in the long-term if you work with a traffic lawyer who can help you fight it. After all, Your driving record is as stake.